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The Best Type of Instagram Likes to Buy in 2020 | How Instagram Likes to Buy Have Changed

The Best Type of Instagram Likes to Buy in 2020

New year, new Instagram algorithm.

What does that mean for you as a business owner who uses the platform to grow their page and make money? It is time to adjust. Luckily over the course of each year, even though Instagram changes their algorithm multiple times a month, the main changes seem to stay consistent.

One of the biggest changes in 2020 is the way that Instagram views likes on your posts and the different factors that are important into knowing if the likes you get will help you reach the explorer page.

The ways Instagram Views Your Post Engagement:

The Number of Likes 

The number of likes you get on your post will always help you when it comes to expanding your reach and organic growth. This is because Instagram will always reward good content on their platform and the more people who like the photo; their algorithm equates that to the content being high quality and well received.

Not only this, but if you use hashtags on your post and you receive high quantity of likes on it, it will give you a higher chance at beating out competing posts from other brands or users to determine who makes it on the explorer page.

The Quality of Likes

After beating the algorithm guidelines for quantity of likes, Instagram will read the quality of each individual like you get and determine how high quality those likes are. For example, if you have 100 likes from all verified users, Instagram will consider this better than 1000 likes from people without images and low amounts of followers.

Therefore, PowerLikes are important… (but more to come on that later in the blog)

The Likes From People Who “Engage” With Too Many Posts Per Day

This one is a bit trickier to understand. A good analogy I like to use is referencing the social media company What steemit does is it rewards you with .01 cents or more each time you engage, however the more you engage in a short period of time, the less your engagement (like, comment, follow) is worth. Instagram has implemented similar standards and steps to gauge the quality of a person’s engagement.

Where a lot of people go wrong with Powerlikes or engagement groups, is all the users that are liking your posts are liking thousands of other posts per day.

This doesn’t help your post at all, in fact it can hurt it. Instagram is sophisticated enough to be able to see that someone is spam engaging throughout the day. This can flag your account or shadow ban it to prevent you from getting organic reach and hide it from your followers.

Instagram Likes to Buy With SpectSocial Powerlikes?

How Does SpectSocial Powerlikes differ?

Luckily, I can say in confidence and from our 1000 clients, we have the best type of Instagram likes to buy in 2020.

The reason I am so confident in saying this is because our likes cover all 3 bases listed above.

For one, our Powerlikes will bring you anywhere from 500-1500+ likes per post from high quality accounts. This will not only allow you to jump the line to the explorer page but also to show that you are getting verified accounts and accounts with huge amounts of followers 100K+, liking your posts.

This doesn’t just help you go viral, but it is also a huge method of social proof. It helps show that your product, brand or service is popular among other legit accounts. Lastly our users are not liking any more than 100 posts per day. This means the value of their individual like is considered extremely high in the eyes of the Instagram algorithm.

This will prevent you from getting shadow banned, increase your chances of going viral, and help you grow quicker and reach millions of more people naturally. 

How to Get A Taste of High Quality Instagram Likes to Buy in 2020!

All influencers and large accounts use some form of Powerlikes to help boost their pages and posts. They just don’t let you know it. Let’s get you set up with some Powerlikes so you can see what they can do for you.

For a limited time only, if you are reading this, email us at We will give you a free trial of Powerlikes! This is for one post to test out the benefit of this amazing service!

Author Chris Costello Chris Costello: Chris is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at SpectSocial. Find him on Facebook @chris.costello.92

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