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Getting Likes On Instagram: The Complete Guide To Reaching The Explore Page

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Getting Likes On Instagram: The Complete Guide

Getting likes on Instagram without a doubt, is the most coveted spot on Instagram as well as the explorer page. The explorer page presents the opportunity to users to reach thousands to even millions of other Instagram account owners by showing their post on the main search page or on a specific hashtag’s top post list. Getting likes on Instagram and learning how to accomplish this is crucial for this to happen.

With this in mind, I want to go through with you the way I found getting likes on Instagram and how I help my users hit the explorer page every single day. It is a lot simpler than you might think. If you have the tools at your disposal, and can implement them, you too can become Instagram famous for your business or influencer page.

getting likes on Instagram can help bring you to the explore page.

We have all heard the word viral, but have you seen what it does to your brand when you actually go viral? Let’s get you there!

Our Top Method of Getting Likes on Instagram: Engagement Groups

What is an engagement group? An engagement group is a group of Instagram accounts that are in a forum for one specific reason; help each other gather the highest amount of engagement (this includes getting likes on Instagram as well as comments) on their posts within a certain amount of time after posting. This engagement increase helps boost the chances of that post hitting the explorer page.

I get that this might sound daunting. Usually every user is forced to engage as well, in order to receive likes on their own posts. This can take hours per day. Some of these engagement groups make it mandatory to engage with multiple accounts and multiple posts per account before they are even able to receive their own engagement.


I believe in working smarter, not harder. Therefore, what I did was allow SpectSocial members the opportunity to focus on their business; while we do all the engaging for them. Instead of you worrying about getting likes on Instagram, you can worry more about converting leads and running your day to day.

Our team creating gamplans for our clients to help them get likes on Instagram.

We have created a program inside of SpectSocial that allows our users to not have to do any manual engaging while they still receive it all. The same as if they spent hours every day doing it themselves!

Not only will getting likes on Instagram be easier, but it will also help you reach the explorer page. This can result in big surges of follower growth too.

Our Executive Package gives you this offering. Engagement group boosts are offered for 30 posts per month with 300 extra likes per post!

Second Method: PowerLikes

Ahhhh, the Golden Goose and the prime time for getting likes on Instagram.

One of the most coveted methods for growth on Instagram are PowerLikes. PowerLikes are similar to an engagement group boost as discussed in the “first method”. However, PowerLikes differ because the engagement is being provided by accounts with larger sized followings.

With SpectSocial you can expect engagement from accounts with anywhere from 5,000 followers all the way to 1 MILLION! Usually PowerLikes themselves cost upwards of $200 monthly. However, my company has our own network group of over 180 million highly valued accounts. Because of this we are able to fit PowerLikes, and two accounts, managed on SpectSocial’s Iconic Package for only $497! A steal if you ask me.

PowerLikes allow users to post 30 times per month. If a user posted once per day they could expect an extra 300 likes per post. All likes come from legit and popular accounts.

How Many Likes Will I Actually Be Getting?

Good question, and just to clarify since we are all here to learn the best way of getting likes on Instagram, our engagement group likes and Powerlikes are combined together. We do this to give you the best organic growth on your accounts.

Just receiving engagement group likes alone might move the needle close to the explore page. Although, adding likes coming from large following accounts as well will move that needle even faster! Together they bring a total of 600 extra likes to your account per post!

That is right, both of our packages will bring you 600 likes per post for 30 posts per month. The only differences in the package is you get growth services for an extra account on our Iconic package. If you are serious of getting likes on Instagram to help your image on your account; how would high quality extra 600 likes per post do?

Infographic on everything you need to getting likes onIinstagram

Now, posting 2-3 times per day would divide that amount by the respective posting number. This is due to our drop times with our engagement groups.

Why are PowerLikes so powerful in getting likes on instagram? It is statistically shown that by using PowerLikes to get likes on instagram, users can expect a 87.9% higher chance of hitting the explorer page, and a 100% chance of follower growth increase.

Getting likes on Instagram - Case Study

Here is an example of how these likes work in action. Let’s say I have PowerLikes turned on for my account @dreamingmodern (not currently using PowerLikes).

PowerLikes, because they are populated by larger and more credible accounts, tell the Instagram algorithm that because @dreamingmodern’s post is receiving massive numbers of engagement, it must be important and that the account should be showed to more people due to the quality of accounts engaging with it.

Therefore, the algorithm boosts the post to the explorer page in an attempt to show more quality content to Instagram users.

There you have it. These are the top-tier, incredible hands-free methods for our users to crush it with Instagram. Getting likes on Instagram for you go completely viral for your business or influencers page could not be any easier.

Getting likes on Instagram will help you go viral with your friends.

It is time for you to stop pulling out your hair on figuring out why is it so hard to getting likes on Instagram that are high quality and are not fake. Because we have cultivated the solution and it has been helping our 1000+ clients grow healthy accounts. So why not watch your accounts do the same?

These are the best methods to use if you had the question of getting likes on Instagram, and it helps that SpectSocial has figured out ways to help our members pay less, while receiving more during the process.

If you are ready to start taking Instagram seriously, check out and let’s get started.

Author Chris Costello

Chris Costello: Chris is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at SpectSocial. Find him on Facebook @chris.costello.92

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