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5 Reasons Why You Should Or Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Comments

5 Reasons Why You Should or Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Comments

Everyday when you are exploring Instagram either on your desktop or phone you probably see accounts with 50+ comments on every post. How do these people get so many comments with a minimal amount of followers? Are they buying the comments? If so what are the pros and cons if I choose to buy Instagram comments for my own Instagram profile?

Buy Instagram Comments

Luckily we have the information for you about the pros and cons of choosing to purchase comments for your Instagram.

Why I Should Buy Instagram Comments:

1)   Social Proof:

If you are trying to gain traction on any social media platform for your business or brand you will need to show that you are in demand. Many have probably heard the phrase “Fake it until you make it”. Although we do not agree with this strategy, many people choose to go this route. This is to avoid the starting off growing pains on social media.

By having a lot of comments on your Instagram posts when you buy Instagram comments, you will automatically get people to believe more of what you are saying due to your social proof/clout. Psychology of humans proves that people flock to where the attention is. If someone viewing your page sees a lot of comments, they are more likely to: like, comment or follow you themselves. This can help lead to higher sales and popularity.

2)   They Are Very Inexpensive:

If buying Instagram comments costed hundreds of dollars or even more than $10, most people wouldn’t even consider it. However you can buy 10+ comments for a post for less than $2 on some sites. While we do not recommend this, we want to give you a background on the possibilities.

*Honestly this is the only pro to buying comments. Besides providing social proof to your page, brand or business, it does not add much more value.*

Why I should NOT Buy Instagram Comments:

1)   It Damages Your Page When You Buy Instagram Comments:

Buy Instagram Comments

When you buy Instagram comments, it will hurt the way the Instagram algorithm views your page. Automatically the algorithm will detect that these are fake or not genuine comments causing the page to get “blacklisted”. Being blacklisted is very similar to being “shadow banned”.

These terms mean that your posts will not be visible to people who do not follow you. You may also not even show up on the news feed of all of your current followers. This will cause a decrease in organic engagement that is crucial for business growth.

2)   A Possible Banned Instagram Account:

Instagram recently published a statement saying that they were going to start cracking down harder on accounts. This is specific to accounts that are using methods against their Terms of Service to grow their page. (aka fake accounts or bot accounts).

This includes when people buy Instagram comments from fake pages and or buy fake followers. This could result in them flagging your page or banning you completely from the platform. There is also sometimes no option of recovering your account.

3)   It Could Make You Look Foolish In The Long Run:

Let’s say a year in the future you want to stop purchasing and using fake comments on your posts and let your organic followers comment naturally. Your followers may start to notice that the comments on your posts are way down.

Buy Instagram Comments

This could cause them to think: your brand is going downhill, realize that you had faked the comments in the past, or because Instagram already flagged the account because the page to be unable to receive very many organic comments from the followers because the posts are hidden from their news feed.

As an expert who has spent years learning about Instagram and growing accounts to massive follower numbers with organic and engaged audiences, I highly suggest against buying Instagram comments.

If you are interested in learning how you can improve your Instagram page without needing to buy fake comments, likes or followers to gain traction, I suggest using an Instagram Marketing Service such as SpectSocial will bring organic and REAL comments, likes and followers to your page by marketing and promoting your Instagram account to bigger IG accounts in your niche and bring those account’s followers over to your page.

Author Chris Costello

Chris Costello: Chris is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at SpectSocial. Find him on Facebook @chris.costello.92

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