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What Exactly Are Powerlikes?

About SpectSocial

Who are we? We are a team of individuals who have made it our passion and mission over the last five years to help businesses reach their true potential. We know Instagram can be daunting .This is why we seek to make your experience as easy and stress free a possible.

Five years ago our Founders started their journey with Instagram. It wasn't long before they had created massive followings across multiple accounts including creating great friendships during. It is with these accounts and incredible network that we are able to offer you the top services in the digital market...Powerlikes, Account Management and Content Creation.

What Are Powerlikes?

We are glad you asked! A Powerlike is when another Instagram user with a high trust rating and a large following engages with your content. Add a bunch of these to a post and you get Powerlikes.

Not only do Powerlikes help you grow and have sustained retention over the long term, but they will also help you increase your chances of hitting the explorer page which shares your content and page with millions of other passionate Instagram users.

That's not all though. Powerlikes are also a major social proof tool. Social Media is the new resume in 2019, and the more engagement you have on your content, the higher chance you will have of people doing business with you.

All this, and we never even need access to your password.

How Do Powerlikes Work?

Sign Up

After going through our subscription process, one of our account executives will reach out to confirm which Instagram account you want to exponentially scale. Once confirmed, we will direct you to Phase 2.

Post On Your Account

How do Powerlikes work? After we confirm the account that will receive the likes, post a photo on your page. That photo will begin to pick up hundreds to thousands of extra likes per post from real, organic, engaged and large accounts. The likes will always add up on your most recent post.

Collect Powerlikes

You will start to notice more and more likes adding up on your post. Make sure to post the best content on your page to increase your odds of going viral. You should receive (depending on your plan) 500+ likes from a network of over 150 million users.

Go Viral

How exactly does this help you go viral? When you gain a lot of engagement from high quality accounts, your post is shown to a small audience on the explorer page. If this piece of content continues to perform at a high level (which it will all thanks to Powerlikes) you have the potential to be shown to much larger audiences by going viral.

Cheapest Instagram Likes

Other Brands Utilizing Instagram

Powerlikes Packages



per month

-500 Powerlikes per Post

-30 Posts per Month

-180 Million Follower Network

-Rank on #s and Explore

-Engagement All Day

-No Password Required



per month

-800-1200 Powerlikes per Post

-30 Posts per Month

-180 Million Follower Network

-Rank on #s and Explore

-Engagement All Day

-No Password Required



per month

-600+ Powerlikes per Post

-60 Posts per Month

-180 Million Follower Network

-Rank on #s and Explore

-Engagement All Day

-No Password Required

Need More?

Submit a quote request with your Powerlikes needs, and a representative will reply with your custom quote!

-Save with Bulk!

-180 Million Follower Network

-Rank on #s and Explore

-Engagement All Day

-No Password Required

Instagram Management Services

What customers are saying

We are so happy to find a reputal PowerLikes company that really delivers!

-Nash Higgins

We are tired of using mediocre services from other providers. Finally real likes.

-Jadyn Pope

Needed help boosting my Instagram account. I have hit the Explore page over 5 times since.

-Patrick Bruce

Support is top notch. Service is top notch. Delivery is also top notch. I wish all companies were like Boostopedia!

-Simon The Man


What is the explorer page?

The explorer page is one of the most important features on the Instagram platform. It is made up of celebrities, influencers, sports teams, big businesses etc. How do you make it to the explorer page? By having a lot of real traffic engaging with your post. This is where we come in.

As your Powerlikes continue to add up on your post,  your post will be shared amongst a bigger and bigger audience on the explorer page.

How is it that influencers continue to grow at such rapid pace? They continuously are getting engagement from other influencers with millions of followers helping them reach the explorer page day after day.

How does it make my account grow?

When you hit the explorer page, your post gets seen by millions of other Instagram accounts that are not already following you.


This allows you to reach a whole new market that may fall in love with your content, business or whatever you may offer. This gives them the opportunity to engage themselves or even follow you.

Will my account be safe?

Great question! Since we are not buying likes for you and these accounts are engaging with your content on their own free will, your account will be safe.


We can 100% guarantee that the likes you will get will be from real, organic, active and large Instagram accounts. To make things even better, all we need is your username. We will never ask for your password for Powerlikes.

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