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How to view Instagram insights

How to view Instagram insights

For those of you who are using Instagram for your business, a few important questions that may arise are how to view Instagram insights on your account, what do Instagram insights mean and why are they important?

how to view Instagram insights

Hopefully, this can clear up some confusion.

Two Main Ways on How to View Instagram Insights

First, let us talk about how to view Instagram insights for your account. There are two main ways.

First way is when you post a video or picture. You can go to that particular post and click on “view insights.” This will tell you that individual post’s analytics including how many likes, comments, shares, saves, profile visits and reaches you had.

This is important because you want to be able to track the views on your page, increasing or decreasing and the popularity. It also can allow you to see what type of content has the best results and which your audience does not resonate with as much.

If you are wondering how to view Instagram insights for your entire profile, this is how it can be done. When you go to your profile (mobile) click the three stacked lines in the top right-hand corner. From that menu click “insights.” This will give you a much broader view of the page overall.

how to view instagram insights

You can see insights under three tabs: Content, Activity, Audience. Content will tell you all you need to know about how your posts are performing. You can see the progress over the last week, all your posts to date and more.

Activity showcases your page growth and visits. Here you dive deeper into your page reach, impressions, interactions, profile visits, website clicks and calls over the last week.

Lastly, Audience tells you how many followers you have, how quickly you’re growing, your demographics and average growth throughout the day. 

The Meaning of Instagram Insights

Now that you know how to view Instagram insights for your account, let us move forward on what do the insights mean. For this I want to specifically talk about the meaning of Reach, Impressions and Engagement when it comes to your profile and content.

1) Reach - Reach is the number of unique accounts that have seen your post.              

how to view instagram insights

It is important to notice the word UNIQUE. This means if the same account sees your post more than once, it will still only increase your reach +1. Unique means a different user. To get a reach of +1000, you would need 1000 Instagram accounts to see your post.

2) Impressions - The total number of times your post has been seen

how to view instagram insights

This is the opposite of reach. Where reach is unique accounts, impressions are not.  If I viewed your Instagram post 1000 times, you would have +1000 impressions just from me alone. Pretty cool!

3) Engagement - The number of unique accounts that Liked, Commented or Saved your post. 

Again, we talk about unique accounts meaning one account can only count as +1 for this category.

Why are Instagram Insights Important?

Last question that may pop up is why are insights important?

Insights are important because if you are using your Instagram for business, you want to be able to see how your audience is responding to your content. It’s important to know how quickly your page is growing, and what areas you can improve on.

how to view instagram insights

These are all things that business owners need to know on social media. From this data you can tell what images you should keep posting and which to lessen or stop all together. It is also important to know what time of the day to post, what days to post, where the majority of your followers are located (city and country), and the age of your audience.

These analytics and insights are extremely valuable as well with paid marketing. If you decide to continue paying for Instagram ads to find the most targeted audience, Insights will prevent you spending a ton of money without seeing results.

Hopefully, this information helped answer your questions! You should now be able to successfully know how to view your Instagram insight, what do Instagram insights mean and why they are important.

Author Chris Costello

Chris Costello: Chris is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at SpectSocial. Find him on Facebook @chris.costello.92

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