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The Most Effective Instagram Management Techniques

The Most Effective Instagram Management Techniques

With every New Year, trends keep changing, especially, in social media. Here is all about the newest Instagram management trends that will pull attention in 2019.

Instagram has seen the highest growth percentage in the past five years accounting for more than 1 billion active monthly users.

The picture-sharing platform now is of significant interest to social media marketers and influencers with more and more companies and products relying on Instagram for popularity and marketing. Hence, it is essential to know the latest Instagram techniques if you are looking to expand into Instagram as an influencer to increase viewership and make quality relations with the viewers.

Build an Effective Profile with Instagram Management

Instagram management is not all about the content we share and keeping audiences engaged. Setting up your profile is essential to an extent. Right from naming the profile to filling the bio and display picture; pay enough attention and design them to impress the followers.

Your name must be short enough to explain what you are selling or showing so that people can understand easily, even from the suggested list.

Interact with Fellow Instagrammers

By Instagrammers, we mean fellow influencers. Interacting with followers is another aspect - getting in touch with influencers from the same niche helps one learn more about your niche and also increase the follower count.

Another Instagram Management Technique is to collaborate with Instagrammers. This opens the door for each other’s followers to know about the other guy who is precisely the target audience that we are looking for.

Follower Engagement

Being a social media platform oriented to image sharing, Instagram is a bit more difficult than any other social media. Link sharing in the image description does not hyperlink, which means a smaller percentage of conversions. However, various workarounds are even more useful.

There are stories, profile tags, and hashtags that you can use to engage your audience and drive them to the desired landing location. Likewise, create a style for your Instagram profile like having vertically cropped images or having b&w posts along the grid, which takes a lot of effort but gets you an ROI (return on investment) by the massive volume of followership.

Make Way for Advertisers

The ultimate aim of building a huge follower base is earning money. Design your posts and stories with a bit of involvement and daily activity. This will show an advertiser to approach any promotion, your shout-out looks organic for followers to catch up with.

You need to take care of many essential things to grow your Instagram profile. Two of those things are to grow with organic followers and seek the attention of advertisers. If you do not have enough time or lack the professional skills, then use Instagram management services from SpectSocial. We will take care of everything for you from content strategy to followers.

Author Chris Costello

Chris Costello: Chris is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at SpectSocial. Find him on Facebook @chris.costello.92

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