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Are Instagram Management Services Worth It?

If you’re not familiar with the Instagram Management Services structure, these companies exist in order to help many types of people. They include: marketers, business people, musicians, artists, athletes, influencers etc.

They save people huge amounts of time by managing their Instagram growth and lead generation. This way the Instagram account’s owner can focus on content production and business growth. Of course though, these services aren’t free, which brings the question - is it worth it to pay someone else to help my page grow?

Some Instagram Management Services can get extremely pricey. After doing industry research, we found that prices can range from $20 monthly to $500 a month. These start at base levels of management all the way to $500 monthly for more advanced features.

Although the services offered don’t range much between this huge price gap. For new users just starting out in social media, these prices can turn away some new page owners if they currently aren’t seeing a return on their page yet.

I set out to interview 50 Instagram users that use Instagram as a marketing tool for their brand or business.  I wanted to see first if they used Instagram management services, and secondly if they think that it is worth it or not. We found that the majority of people thought it was worth it to use a service.

Here are 3 reasons why:

1) Your Followers, Engagement and Leads Grow Much Quicker with Instagram Management Services

Some Instagram management services are not ran by actual people who have spent years studying the platform, and the ones that are typically are staffed by individuals who have never grown an account to a large size. However, there are a select few that spend a lot on research and development in order to bring you A+ results and experiences.

By using Instagram management services that have social media professionals working on your account day to day, you will find that your page will grow at much quicker rates than what you were previously growing at. Why is this? It’s because mastering Instagram is a science.

The biggest brands, influencers and presences on social media platforms have spent a large amount of time doing two things; learning the tips and tricks behind their growth or they have a team that does it for them. The concept is similar to if you have never spent time learning how to cut hair. Who is going to offer a better haircut, a professional hair stylist or you?

Instagram is no different. By outsourcing your follower growth and Instagram management, the difference in scalability will be evident very quickly. Similar to what Gary Vaynerchuk says, “Why try to learn every skill when you can go 110% on what you’re already best at, and hire people that are the best at what you aren’t.”

2) It Saves You Enormous Amounts of Time (Time Is Money, Money Is Freedom)

One thing that I learned throughout my early days on Instagram is that trying to become an influencer doesn’t happen quickly. When my page was smaller I had plenty of time to work on networking with others; participating in engagement groups, commenting and liking on other pieces of content in my niche etc., but as I started to grow from 5K followers to 10K, 20K, 30K and so on, the need to monetize my audience became more apparent.

As I began to work on sales, I noticed a lack of time and production for creating content, networking and engaging with other users. This caused my page growth to slow as well as my sales results to lack.

As multiple people from our interview agreed with, once they started outsourcing the engagement, networking and commenting to Instagram management services, they were able to focus fully on content creation and sales which is the key to any business looking to grow on Instagram.

3) Overall It Will Save You and Make You a TON More Money

How can Instagram management services save and make you money at the same time? If you use an Instagram management service, you will save a ton of time.

Time is the greatest asset in the world stated by many of the world’s most successful business owners. You can save time by not having to do the nitty gritty activity on Instagram.

When you separate yourself from the nitty gritty activities, you will be able to focus on a business’s main goal - MAKING MONEY. Speaking of making money, as you grow faster, your following becomes larger allowing you to turn an audience into $$$$. Similar to how TV stations that have the most viewership numbers get paid the most by brands for commercials. This is the same for influencers with larger audiences on Instagram for sponsorships.

The bigger the audience, the bigger the payday, the more opportunity for sales regardless of what niche you’re in. It doesn't matter if you’re selling artwork, a musician, a network marketer, e-commerce store etc.

The conclusion.

These are the top 3 reasons why 50 Instagram influencers and myself find it worth your money to invest in Instagram management services despite how new you are to building your business or starting your Instagram page. Your followers, engagement and leads will grow much quicker, it saves you enormous amounts of time (time is money, money is freedom) and it will actually save and make you a lot more money.

In the long run, you will hit where you want to be much quicker.  

In a future blog I will be explaining more about the proper way to choose what Instagram management services you use and why. Trust me, it is harder than you might think... so stay tuned!

Although, if searching long and hard for Instagram Management Services is not your style then take a bit of advice. I have done years of research with Instagram and countless trails and errors with many services. In this time I noticed that the services I have tried were lacking on some aspects. Myself being a perfectionist, had to change this. 

This is why I founded SpectSocial, created not only from compiling my research but also from the many other large influencers success tips. Our Instagram Management Service is by far superior when it comes to results and prices, because we look at management of customer accounts in all angles. Not just likes and followers.

Allow SpectSocial's Instagram Management Service to manage your account for at least one month. I can guarantee the stress lifted off your shoulders will have you coming back!

Author Chris Costello

Chris Costello: Chris is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at SpectSocial. Find him on Facebook @chris.costello.92

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