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The Keys to an Instagram Growth Service Increasing Your Business

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

The Keys to an Instagram Growth Service Increasing Your Business

If you are looking to monetize your social media, you’ll know that the best platform for that is Instagram. However, things aren’t as peachy on the platform as they were 3 years ago.

Gone are the days where you could post pictures of whatever and whoever and still grow thousands of followers a month.

As Instagram grew in users, like any company they knew it was time to increase their ad revenue that they brought in. Hence why it has gotten harder for you to grow on the platform unless you spend money on paid Instagram ads.

Instagram Growth

Here are the three best ways to still see good growth with a Instagram growth service if you are just starting a page without paying for ads:

Your Username

The keys to choosing a perfect username for your page is finding something that is short, simple and catchy.

Some of the biggest and most respected brands in the world are one word, short and catchy. For example: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Nike… you get the picture.

Find a username that is catchy and stands out from the rest. Even if it is a made up word, as long as it is catchy and can have some remote reason why it is connected to the type of business or content you produce, you are already in a good spot.

Choosing Content

Is it possible for new pages to explode out of nowhere because of their content?

YES OF COURSE, but how?

When choosing what content to post and what type of page to create, think in terms of how easily it is for your content to go viral.  Going viral happens when you get  a lot of comments, likes, reposts, shares etc on social platforms.

All of these key attributes lead to massive growth using an Instagram growth service. Some good niches to go viral in are, Gifs, memes, funny videos, travel, luxury, animals.

It is harder to go viral as a personal page posting images of yourself, HOWEVER these are the pages that end up being able to monetize their audience the most. So keep that in mind.

Improving your content

This piggybacks off of #2. Type of content is one thing, but if your content doesn’t stand out from the thousands of other people posting very similar things, your chances of getting a lot of Instagram growth naturally diminishes greatly.

All posts need to be edited, clean and crisp.

Instagram Growth

If you look at big pages in your same niche, what is something they all have in common? The quality of their content is pristine.

There are a lot of free options out there to help you with this. Here are some free apps we recommend to help you take your posts to the next level:

  • Photoshop App

  • PhotoDirector

  • Piczoo2 (coming soon)

  • Turn Content into a Brand

The Photos To Use and How To Create Them for Positive Growth with an Instagram Growth Service

There’s only so far you can take random generic photos on your page. Eventually if you want to turn your page into a business and really reach massive growth, you need to think about how you are going to turn it into a brand.

If you are a travel page, it might be time to start implementing pictures of you in travel photos on your page.

Do a quick Pinterest or google search for the most photographic places near you and hit them up and take some pics. Your followers will love seeing who the creator behind your page is and start to build a bond with you.

From here, since you now have a face with the travel page, you and your page become the brand. Now you can reach out, as your followers grow, to brands and other travel companies for collaborations or sponsorships. (Enjoy the inflow of opportunities. ;) 

We recommend not reaching out until you hit 10K followers. *

Other Less Complicated Option For Your Instagram Growth

For those with a little less time, and a bit more start up cash, using an Instagram growth service company like can help you grow simultaneously while you do no work besides posting content.

They also have a team that consults with you when you sign up to give you tips to help your page going into your first month with the Instagram growth service. 

Instagram Growth

One of the biggest benefits of using an Instagram growth service like is that you can grow 500-3000 followers per month for anywhere from $29, $49, $99 monthly.

A massive distinction from if you paid for paid ads on Instagram to gain that amount of followers you could expect to pay $250+ monthly not to mention the money spent testing ads could be another $50-$75.

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Author Chris Costello

Chris Costello: Chris is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at SpectSocial. Find him on Facebook @chris.costello.92

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