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Temporarily Blocked on Instagram? How To Avoid and Fix In 2020

Updated: May 16, 2020

Why am I Being Temporarily Blocked on Instagram?

You’re most likely here wondering how you became temporarily blocked on Instagram from following more and more people. You press the “Follow” button and absolutely nothing happens. It stays as-is but still states “Follow“. What this means is you have been temporarily blocked from following additional accounts by Instagram.

No need to stress out our get frustrated with your computer. It isn't your computers fault. It is okay! Let us go through the reasons to avoid being temporarily blocked on Instagram.

temporarily blocked on Instagram

It’s very common, transpires with the very best of us including many social networking managers, and it is temporary. In some instances, Instagram will explain precisely what you probably did wrong.

So let’s evaluate what’s happening here…

Reason You Might Have Been Temporarily Blocked on Instagram

You will find likely one of four explanations why Instagram has blocked your account. These blocks are limiting what you can do to follow along with more accounts.

Reason 1: Following Accounts Too Quickly

Essentially, you performed the follow action too quickly. Instagram requires you to wait a particular time period before you click to the next account in order to prevent spammers and bots from becoming too pervasive on their own platform.

Sometimes users enter into a hostile mode and rapidly follow a large number of accounts, like when opening a brand new account. In such instances, users might not understand that Instagram is watching (in other words counting) carefully.

It can be exciting opening a new account and your anxious to grow your following, but this is the most important time with new accounts to be patient. If you're not careful enough you are bound to be temporarily blocked on Instagram.

While Instagram does like you to interact on their own platform, Instagram won't like you dominating it with specific actions. Simply slow down the interest rate where you follow people.

Reason 2: A Lot Of / Exceeded Follow Limit Each Hour

You likely followed too many people and exceeded the limit. Now, it's important to watch for an undefined time period until Instagram enables you to follow more accounts. Like following accounts too quickly, Instagram perceives following a lot of accounts inside a short time as potentially bot-like behavior.

Rather go read a magazine, and return to Instagram inside a couple of hrs. Things are going to be all right.

A lot of you might be wondering how many followers can you follow in a certain time period. Especially since we are all trying to avoid being temporarily blocked on Instagram. The truth is the number and algorithm changes quite a bit. We will go into this more in depth in another blog with more specific numbers but for now keep it natural.

Reason 3: You’ve Arrived at the Limit for optimum Following Count

Instagram only enables you to definitely follow 7,500 accounts.

An example of an Instagram Block error message in the screenshot below.

temporarily blocked on instagram

This technically is not being temporarily blocked on Instagram. It is more a limit that no account can exceed. If you are in this predicament, all hope is not lost. We recommend simply going through the followers your are following and unfollow the ones that are least important to your fan base.

Good news is, Instagram likes seeing when you unfollow accounts. Shows that you are active on your account. Be careful though, unfollowing to many accounts to quickly can get you temporarily blocked on Instagram.

Reason 4: You’re Utilizing an Application, Bot, or Shady Service

If you are running bots or any automation, Instagram is probably putting your account right into a block field. To avoid this, never use bots or automation software. This is the crucial for account, for this reason a genuine Instagram Growth Services like SpectSocial exists.

Inside a couple of cases, certain well-known services claiming to supply a genuine service were really using bots. Following the user left the service, the company hadn't removed their account using their bot-like software leading to unpredictable following and likes. You can only imagine the frustration the account owners had. Countlessly being temporarily blocked on Instagram.

We’ve also seen a couple of instances in which a user didn’t realize they were approved an application to follow along with accounts. To check on what apps may potentially be performing automating actions inducing the temporary block, perform the following:

  1. Navigate for your Settings by clicking the apparatus icon

  2. Click Approved Apps

  3. Click on the Revoke Access button for just about any application that you will no longer use, or perhaps is likely automating actions. Then wait, and when your account is restored to normalcy, be conscious of whether or not this happens again.

Reason 5: Several People Logged Into a Account

We've also seen installments of Instagram stopping certain actions (follow / like) if it detects multiple users logged in to the same account. At that time, their security flags set off and also the account is susceptible to much stricter scrutiny. A bit more severe than just being temporarily blocked on Instagram.

This is also true on newer accounts. In these instances, attempt to coordinate together with your fellow user on who ought to be logged in. Though, it’s completely normal for just two users to become logged in from various locations, it isn't normal for individuals users to become performing actions simultaneously.

The biggest reason Instagram sees this action as suspicious activity goes back to reason 4, bots. If you are completing actions on your phone and have a shady service using bots that is also completing actions it will raise a red flag. We are certain that is will get your account temporarily blocked on Instagram.

Reason 6: Instagram has been sensitive

At various occasions, Instagram releases additional features or back-finish updates to avoid spammers and automation around the platform. In such instances, it impacts all accounts whether or not they’ve done anything wrong.

For instance, sometimes Instagram is ultra sensitive should you consume a dozen folks producing a temporary block. Meaning accounts that have been following you recently became blocked with Instagram.

In this situation, while you haven't exceeded any limit, a free account could get temporarily blocked on Instagram. Just stop using Instagram for any couple of hrs, and return later and continue.

How long will I be temporarily blocked on Instagram for following people?

There isn’t any definitive response to this and Instagram doesn't reveal much about this. However, we view the temporary block last as little as twenty minutes to as lengthy as a few days for many accounts.

However, the very best factor you should do is not reset the temporary block time-clock by ongoing to try the follow action almost every other minute. Rather, allow the temporary block to expire its entire time; this will expedite what you can do to obtain the account back to normal again.

Important to note would be that the temporary block appears to become shorter for reliable accounts which are aged. They are accounts which have an extended history on Instagram and for that reason might not be as strongly blocked when compared with new accounts. For those who have a reasonably new account, this block will require longer.

PRO TIP: If you're attempting to follow a lot of people, get it done in the Instagram application in your mobile phone, not a PC. We’ve observed that following accounts too quickly on the PC form of Instagram typically blocks you at 20 - 35 accounts whereas the mobile application appears to stick to the Instagram limit of following 160.

How you can fix being blocked from following people on Instagram?

If you're temporarily blocked, don’t panic. It takes place more frequently than any one would think, as well as to genuine individuals. Since only Instagram knows the finer information on what triggers the temporary block, there is not much definitive information on the internet regarding how to fix the problem apart from to hold back.

Should you absolutely, cannot wait, listed here are a couple of workarounds that could work, but aren't guaranteed:

METHOD 1: Internet Browser versus Device

  1. If you are utilizing a mobile application, then login using a internet browser and try to follow someone.

  2. If you are utilizing a internet browser, then simply just login by your cell phone and try to follow someone.

  3. Whether it works, great. Otherwise, wait.

METHOD 2: Sign off and Sign In

  1. Navigate for your Settings

  2. Scroll lower to the foot of all Settings and discover the “Log Out” button

  3. Log into your account and check out a random profile in the meantime.

  4. Whether it works, great. Otherwise, wait.

METHOD 3: Delete Instagram and Re-Install

  1. Navigate for your Settings

  2. Scroll lower to the foot of all Settings and discover the “Log Out” button

  3. Delete the Instagram application completely.

  4. Re-do the installation in the application store (or Google Play).

  5. Log back into your account and check out a random profile.

  6. Whether it works, great. Otherwise, wait.

METHOD 4: Follow People via Facebook

  1. Out of your profile, click the gear icon to navigate for your Settings

  2. Underneath the Follow People heading, click Facebook Buddies

  3. Sign in to Facebook as instructed

  4. Then, attempt to follow a free account.

  5. Whether it works, great. Otherwise, wait.

That’s it. Hopefully, this blog helps you realize why being temporarily blocked on Instagram blocks you against following people, and your skill about this. It’s worth repeating that you ought to never use bots or automation software, and try to stay within Instagram’s limits.

If attempting to increase your account seems like it requires a lot of time and energy, it absolutely does. Take a look at the very best Instagram management services on the internet - SpectSocial. Contact one of our representatives today to get a quote on your growth!

Author Chris Costello Chris Costello: Chris is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at SpectSocial. Find him on Facebook @chris.costello.92

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