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Instagram Followers vs Following | Your 2020 Instagram Ratio

Instagram Followers vs Following | Your 2020 Instagram Ratio

What’s the one thing that all the big-wigs on Instagram have in common? All the athletes, influencers, musicians, celebrities etc…you get the point. They all have WAAAAY more followers than they do following! In other words, the number of people they follow themselves. What does this help them show? Legitimacy. It is all about your Instagram followers vs following ratio.

Intagram Followers vs Following

Your Instagram Followers vs Following | The Importance

Why is having a good Instagram follower vs following ratio important in 2020? The way society works now, believe it or not, is we basically view someone’s credibility, popularity and trust level based on how big of an audience they have on their platform. In this case it is Instagram.

An example of this, let us take a jewelry store running ad campaigns on Instagram.

Poor Quality Example of Instagram Followers vs Following

Imagine you are in the market for a diamond necklace as a gift or for yourself in the next month. Based on search history, targeting and other parameters, jewelry brands can target ads specifically to you (spooky but effective). One day you are scrolling, and you see an ad from a jewelry store boasting about their new diamond necklaces.  You go to their page to see more. You notice they have only 200 followers, are following 6,600 people and get low engagement.  

Instagram Followers vs Following Ratio Example

Instantly, like clockwork, you would leave this jewelry account and go back and keep scrolling on your timeline.

We as consumers, have gotten more comfortable purchasing online without the need to speak to a salesperson. However, we have also become accustomed in picking out exactly what we do buy online by filtering these very credentials; number of followers, number of people you’re following, and your engagement/level of content clarity.

Excellent Quality Example of Instagram Followers vs Following

Now, lets reverse the scenario. Instead of scrolling and finding a page with a bad Instagram follower vs following ratio, you come across a page with 6,800 followers that is only following 2,000 people and has good engagement and quality content.

Instagram Followers vs Following Example

Instantly, the perspective of the potential buyer changes. Their thoughts go to “If 6,800 people follow them, and people are liking and commenting on their posts, this must mean they are a legit brand and I won’t be scammed”. This is huge for potential business!

Not only does this increase business potential of buyers, but it can also increase current account engagement. The higher quality Instagram accounts will attract more positive engagement. It is a circle of positivity!

This is extremely important to remember and make note of. Even if the page with 6,800 followers was a scam and all their followers and engagement was fake, they would still most likely get the sale over the 200 follower page.

Even if the 200 follower page was legit and sold the best quality items in that area. There would be no way for the potential customer to know besides filtering out what they presume is a scam. This is based on their first level of offense (the Instagram followers vs following ratio and total). 

This same mindset and buyer thought process holds consistent for clothing, services, artwork, jewelry, courses, and anything else you can think of. Therefore, it is important to keep note of the ratio you have of Instagram Followers vs following. To stay in the safe zone, try to keep the amount of following you have under 20% of your total follower amount.

How to Maintain your Instagram Followers vs Following Ratio

Now how can you create and maintain an excellent quality Instagram account and healthy Instagram followers vs following ratio? There are three ways of doing this and one of them we highly recommend staying away from! That option is using a bot software. I will not go into it here but there are so many bad things that can happen using this option.

account maintenance

The other option is maintaining it manually on a daily basis. Yes, it is a daily commitment to keep a healthy and high engaged account active. How to do this can be written in two to three different blogs. So, I will create a write up for you on a later date on how to do this manually.

The last option in keeping a healthy Instagram followers vs following ratio is having an expert maintain it. The reality is your business will be keeping you busy with many tasks. There will be days you might forget to maintain your Instagram accounts. One missed day becomes two, and two becomes three and so on. Before you know it, you lose track completely and your account becomes stagnant.

Hiring a professional from SpectSocial's team of experts to take the weight off your shoulders might be your best option. It will allow you to focus on what you are an expert in and that is your product or service! Get in contact with a representative today to help you figure out what your business needs are to succeed in Instagram.

Hope this information can let you all make more sales on Instagram!

Author Chris Costello Chris Costello: Chris is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at SpectSocial. Find him on Facebook @chris.costello.92

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