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Instagram Engagement | What Management Services Can Do for your Account

Instagram Engagement in the Year 2020

We’ve talked in previous blogs about Instagram engagement. How accounts have seen their page’s decrease over the last few years. What I want to really dive into today is what you can do to combat your decreasing Instagram engagement by using different paid services. 

We have already discussed free increasing methods. Although, let’s look at the time saving alternatives if you are able to spend a few bucks each month to really make a difference with your Instagram engagement. 

Let us focus on SpectSocial’s Instagram engagement growth packages as well as one of our services on our hidden list of services not published on our site. Although hidden, it is so extremely beneficial for your Instagram engagement growth.

First Instagram Engagement Service | Instagram Follower Growth

Our first service listed on our site is Instagram follower growth. You might ask, how does growing your followers increase your Instagram engagement?

Good question.

On average 3-5% of your Instagram followers will engage with your photos or videos over the course of a week of posting a new photo. If you have 1000 followers that means 30-50 people will like your post.

In contrast, if you let grow your follower count, and you grow to 10,000 followers, you could get 3-5% engagement still but now that means 300-500 likes per post.

This is how growing your follower count automatically contributes to your Instagram growth.

Second Instagram Engagement Service |Instagram Engagement Growth Itself

Our second service is directly Instagram Engagement growth. These packages include Instagram powerlikes. Powerlikes consist of large Instagram accounts, including some verified, liking your post for 24 hours after posting.

This relays to Instagram’s algorithm “Hey, this page is posting content and getting likes from verified, or large accounts or important accounts in high quantity, that must mean that their content is high quality and important. Let us show it to more people.”

This increases your chances of getting on the explorer page as well as will bring you at minimum 500-600 extra likes on each post you make. Watch the engagement pour in.

Third Instagram Engagement Service | Content Creation

Lastly, the third and final service we offer on our site is content creation or editing. It is proven that if you have high quality images or editing on your photos that more people will engage.

Think of it this way, are you more likely to like an image that is clear, high quality, of interesting content, and edited nicely?

Or a photo that is unedited, crooked, and blurry? Obviously the first one.

SpectSocial brings the first option to you. We will take your raw images and edit them nicely which will cause anyone who sees your new and improved images a much higher chance of engagement, therefore increasing your Instagram engagement. 

Fourth Instagram Engagement Service | Power Comments

The last service we offer, which is hidden on our site because of its exclusivity, is Power Comments.

This is almost identical to powerlikes however in comment form. You will get 20+ comments from Instagram accounts with huge followings on each post per month.

This will have the same effect as powerlikes but even more of a chance of hitting the explorer page because of how rare getting comments is on Instagram if you are a smaller page.

Instagram values these a lot more and it makes your trust ranking go up.

Not only this but no one wants to be the first comment on a post. By seeing that your post has a lot of comments already (provided by SpectSocial) random followers are more likely to participate in the commenting frenzy, increasing your Instagram engagement.

To get access to this service, please email us at

Let Us Help You Grow Your Account with Instagram Engagement

These services work like a charm to increase your Instagram engagement. We have made it our duty at spectsocial to bring the highest quality services and solutions to your Instagram page, regardless of your niche to help you achieve your business goals on the platform.

Reach out today or sign up and let us grow your Instagram engagement together!

Author Chris Costello Chris Costello: Chris is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at SpectSocial. Find him on Facebook @chris.costello.92

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