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Best and Cheapest Instagram Likes and Followers To Improve Your Account

Best and Cheapest Instagram Likes and Followers To Improve Your Account

Recently on social media there has been major buzz around a company called SpectSocial that guarantees extremely low prices in exchange for some of the best quality and quantity of Instagram likes and followers.

We recently took a poll inside SpectSocial asking our members to choose which company, out of all the companies they have used for social media growth, has yielded the best results for the cheapest price; we received 96.6% of people saying SpectSocial.

Today I am here, sharing this info with you because I am going to tell you how we are able to be arguably the cheapest but best service for REAL, ORGANIC and ENGAGED Instagram likes and followers.

The Information You Provide Us Helps Your Growth!

With SpectSocial, it all starts from the minute you go to fill out the information form after choosing the package you like.

Two of the key factors we ask you for are 3-5 niche accounts and hashtags related to your audience. This is how we are able to dive deeper into what your goals are on Instagram. It also tell us what type of users you want us to market your page to.

Your goal when providing the 3-5 niche accounts is to provide our team with people on Instagram who have big audiences and are posting similar content, taking part in a similar business or are interested in similar things as you.

This way, when we market to them for you, we are automatically engaging in a very targeted audience for you leading to the best results of Instagram likes and followers.

Gaining Instagram Likes and Followers Isn't Magic, It is the Techniques That SpectSocial Uses

It isn’t just about having the right targeted audiences however that makes SpectSocial the best on the market (yes I am biased, but our client’s back us up). The biggest difference is what Spect does in order to keep them, your followers and engagement increasing.

When we finally have the perfect and most targeted audience picked out for you, (this is done after you sign up by our team of account managers) your account manager will spend 3-6 hours researching your audience, niche and business to help provide the best hands on service they possibly can.

When that audience is picked, the strategic part comes into play. Our managers like and comment strategically on the people who are following, engaging with, clicking the links of and direct messaging the selected influencers we are targeting for you.

Each comment is customized directly to relate to the post it is commented on to make sure it is as relevant as possible. Liking is done in a timely manner to make sure the Instagram user is made aware that your account engaged with their post and profile.

Once these new strategies are implemented for our clients, they start to see their Instagram likes and followers increase drastically compared to their previous experiences.

Follow Unfollow to Grow Your Instagram Likes and Followers

The quickest way we grow your Instagram likes and followers organically is by utilizing the follow and unfollow method.

This method is controversial in nature due to its practices but the way we do it can yield great results.

Our account managers do not blindly follow then unfollow whoever we find in your audience. Instead, we stick with the people in your audience who are also the most active.

This means that we prioritize the users who are actively engaging, posting, participating and spreading value on Instagram.

We aren’t on Instagram for random followers. We make sure that we bring you the best in order to improve the rate in which you gain Instagram likes and followers.

All three of these basic methods are done differently by SpectSocial to turn them into engagement and follower growth machines and getting likes on Instagram.

Whether you are a painter, musician, online marketer, model, clothing store or whatever else; I guarantee you we have worked with and succeeded at growing a page in your industry.

Let us show you what we can do for you at the cheapest rates on the internet.

Sign up today at or shoot me an email at I’d love to hear from you. Stop overpaying for average services. Let us save you money and increase your results.

Author Chris Costello

Chris Costello: Chris is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at SpectSocial. Find him on Facebook @chris.costello.92

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